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Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Tealights Lincolnshire U.K
Beeswax candle, Beehive/skep
Pure Beeswax Candle

We have a fantastic range of natural beeswax candles that will look fabulous and graceful for any occasion.

In respect of all the bees hard work, we make decorative candles rather than just jars candles. It means a great deal to us right down to the end product that we have made a beautiful product for everyone to enjoy.

We also add the highest quality cotton wicks to ensure a lovely burn and it is more eco-friendly.

The process of our candles come from the collection of pollen and nectar collected by honeybees. It not their intention to pollinate flowers as they do but by collecting pollen and nectar as it is a rich protein which is required for the larvae to develop into honeybees themselves. The honey comb is made by honeybees too by eating the honey the can make wax, a

substance that is secreted from glands in their abdomen. They then mold and shape the beeswax into the honeycomb’s hexagonal cells.

They also use wax for capping honey when it is ready to store for the future.

When honey is ready to be collected, we uncap the wax and use this either to make new foundation or it can be filtered to make our candles.

Please acknowledge that responsible beekeepers such as ourselves understand bees will forage for much more than they can ever use, and we never take any amount that would have effects on our bees later in the year, we always do our upmost to ensure our bees remain healthy and have abundance of foods and food stock to ensure year upon year they continue to flourish as ours do. If we didn't our bees wouldn't survive not thrive as they do. Any good beekeeper follows good practice's, you can read more on this on our honeybee facts page.

We handcraft all of our candles in our Louth, Lincolnshire Workshop and your candles can be coloured and/ or scented, to your requirements.

Bee sure to checkout all our other ranges including beeswax scented melts, beeswax polish, beeswax leather conditioner, our own recipe, handcream, just to name a few,

 which we also handcraft ourselves

For tips and guidance on candle burning please refer to our tips and general guidance page.

bees on honeycomb.
uncapping honey

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