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Honey Range
 Louth Lincolnshire     

Honey Louth Lincolnshire UK Stax Of Wax Ltd

Made in our apiaries in Louth Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

We have been beekeepers for many years gaining great knowledge and respect for our bees and nature.

As well as producing handcrafted beeswax products we also produce  highly rated and delicious honey.

Our apiaries stretch from the coast into the Wolds all within a good distance of each other ensuring our bees have a good source and a great area that is not over populated, thus providing them with plenty of sources of pollen and nectar. Our bees are allocated in many apiaries including and not limited to, different food sources including agricultural crops, orchards, and wildflower meadows.

It is in bees nature to gather pollen and nectar throughout the summer season mainly to store it in vast amounts this they will turn into honey.


Our bees find their food sources from willow, lime trees and hazel at the beginning of the year. They will then move on to oil seed rape in May this will produce Soft Set honey. 

Later months pollen and nectar is more abundant and bees will use wild flowers and field beans , and hedge row flowers this is our runny honey






Local Honey is an excellent source of food,  and can be enjoyed on pancakes, porridge, roasted with gammon  and vegetables or just straight from the jar!


Local honey is also recommended relief for hay fever suffers.

Enjoying local Honey, Louth, Lincolnshire
Pollen source for honeybees
honeycomb , beeswax
Pollen for honeybees
oil seed rape,
The Honeybee, local honey.

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