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Tips and general information

Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural product produced by honeybees

Due to it being natural,  each piece of beeswax is different, it depends on where the bees have been foraging, and what on, this not only can effect its solid state but colour too.

Beeswax has many benefits.

For candles and wax melts it is a natural product with no added toxins or chemicals

For skincare it has the benefits of forming a protective layer on your skin protecting it from environmental irritants and harsh weather, whilst allowing your skin to breathe

For leather conditioner's and wood polish it has benefits of feeding the wood and leather and locking out pollutants, dust, sunlight and water

Tips for Burning Beeswax.

Burning beeswax is different in every candle and for every wax used.

Beeswax burns at a higher temperature than any other wax, its also is a more dense product than any other waxes, making it burn longer when used in candles, compared to other candle waxes.

It also has a clean burn and contains no chemicals and has little if no wax drips.

Beeswax lightens in sunlight, keep out of direct light to reduce the effects of "bleaching".

How to burn beeswax

Light your candle using a match or lighter

Ensure your wick is no longer than 1/4 inch long

The first burn is the most important burn

Ensure throughout your burning your wick is center and upright.

If your wick becomes too long, leans over, or curls simply trim and straighten or uneven burning will begin.

Ensure all candles are on level surfaces and away from children and pets

Burning pillar candles

It is very important the first time you burn your pillar candle you let it burn long enough for the pool to extend close to the edge before extinguishing it, this is known as a memory ring, remembering these times vary depending on the candle size.

Ensure the wick is trimmed and straight, as the wick gets taller, after the candle has been burning for a while, it may start moving/leaning, this is when the wick needs to be trimmed, otherwise the wick can become unsteady and leaning will cause an uneven burn, its effect is only one side of your candle to burn.

Simply stop burning check the surface is level, check the wick is straight and trim if required, more on this in next section.

Should you want to get the maximum from your candle, but have a pool with the outer rim, which is normal, (this is called the memory ring), simply, whilst the wax is soft, extinguish your candle and ease in the wax, fold the wax inwards the direction of the candle wick itself (towards the wick) being careful not to burn yourself.

Once again its ready to burn effectively the next time you want to burn your candle, and you will get more burn time hours, from your candle

Burn each candle at least one hour for each diameter or until the wax pool extends near to the edge, for example 2inch 2hours, 3inch three hours and so on. After approx. 10cm of pool of wax + deep, recheck the wick size, beeswax burns hotter than any other wax , trim with a wick trimmer if required,

Should you wish to use your candle as a hurricane effect candle don't push in the memory ring, however please acknowledge this may leave unburned wax throughout your candle ensuring wax wastage. Should you wish to do this however ensure wick is always short and straight

Never use pillar candles in lanterns, beeswax candles can get extremely hot.

Keep candles at least three inches apart to ensure they don't melt one another.

Burning other candles in our range

Much like the pillar candles as mentioned above some are square shaped or have sections that go outside of the memory ring. This is not uncommon as candles burn in a round shape area not square, so square candles may need some assistance as detailed next

To get the maximum burn time from the candles simply push the sides inwards towards the wick when the candle has been extinguished but the wax is still warm and pliable after the candle has burned down about 10cm or more. as described earlier.

This way you can enjoy your candle longer. In all events, ensure the wick is no more than 1/4 long, is straight and on a level surface.

These candles are made to burn in on themselves, they can be used as a hurricane lantern effect, in this instance you don't need to push the memory ring towards the wick, or can slightly if wanting to do so as the candle burns down. and attempts has been made to ensure you get the most from your candle. refunds or discounts are not given to persons not abiding by these simple guidelines, we do not refund for carelessness, you should keep an eye on candles at all times and react to your candle as it burns.

Should a problem arise, such as letting candles only burning down only one side can be a simple fix , check the wick is straight, check surface is straight ( however we understand than even the most straightest looking surfaces could have a slight angle) we have a simple fix, simply counter act or pull in the wax or wick slightly towards the unmelted side, when your ready to burn again that side will burn faster thus getting more from your candle and fixing the problem, this needs to be done at a fair early stage or wax wastage may prevail. Its very important to not leave candles unattended and regular attentiveness means you get value for money. Leaving a candle and not maintaining it properly is irresponsible, dangerous and money wasting as well as wax wasting which we really don't want to happen, the bees have worked hard to produce wax we only ask you please appreciate it as much as we do.

Coloured Candles

Our coloured candles are coloured using vegetable colouring

Ensure coloured candles are kept away from sunlight, sun will discolour and fade beeswax.

Beeswax life span

Beeswax has a very long life span, almost indefinite, if stored in cool dry conditions, and doesn't become contaminated.

Beeswax leather conditioner and wood polish guide.

Always test small amount on inconspicuous spot, leave for 24hrs and wipe, although our products contain no chemicals it is important to do this, as we have no information on the before use of your item, should (say such as chemicals previously used by customer on item), we have no indication of this or how it many react with natural ingredients, or any information on your storing conditions and so forth.

You must  complete the spot test ,do this in any event before using the product on any items as an important step not to be missed.

Beeswax Reusable Wraps

Never use on raw meat

Never use on fish products

Never use in microwave or dishwasher or washing machine

Wipe with anti-bacterial wipes, or wash in luke warm water, mild detergent is fine.

Moisturising Handcream

Our moisturising handcreams are made using only natural ingredients.

Check the use by date on the back

Once opened use within 6 months

For best results place small amount to hands. Rub in circular motions and between fingers, both in the morning and evening when moisture is needed, less often to once or twice a week if good presence of moisture in your skin

Handmade Pottery

Wipe with damp, not wet cloth to clean or microfibre cloth. 

indoor use only, exposure to wet conditions can break down its strength and water stain.

Warm melted wax may be peeled off.

Natural product, made with eco- friendly water based ingredients, this is a  strong and heavy material, but can become stained due to harsh chemicals / colourants in comes in contact with.



 If you have any issues or queries please contact us only too happy to help

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