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  Welcome to our gallery

We have added photos of some of our wonderful moments that we have had right from the start of our journey.

From being beekeepers that started with just two hives on a smallholding to the apiary sites we have now, we continue to share our stories through our gallery in little snippets for you to view and enjoy.

We hope from this it  gives you an idea of our passion we have had to become great beekeepers and a great family run business that started with just wanting to try beekeeping to falling in love with nature, the gifts it gives by making unique and brilliant handmade beeswax products in respect of all our bees hard work.

Also included are some of our products , we want to show you our processes from the hive right to the products we produce such as beeswax candles, beeswax wood polish, beeswax leather conditioner and so much more.

We hope to give you an insight on why we have chosen these products, by this we will continue to update our gallery on a regular basis so please pop back from time to time to see our new journeys. 

Any photos you have,

maybe of products you have purchased or swarms we may have collected that you would like to go into our gallery, please don't hesitate to contact us we would be very happy to include these.

We hope you enjoy our gallery 

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