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Introducing our all-natural Beeswax Wood Polish, the perfect solution for restoring and rejuvenating the natural beauty of your wooden furniture and surfaces. Made with 100% pure beeswax, this polish not only adds shine and luster to wood, but also provides a protective barrier against moisture and wear.


Our beeswax polish is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, making it safe to use on all types of wood, including antique and unfinished surfaces. With its subtle honey fragrance, this polish not only enhances the appearance of your furniture, but also adds a pleasant aroma to your home.


Say goodbye to dull, lifeless wood and hello to the natural glow of beeswax with our premium beeswax wood polish.


Coverage : depends on wood types, age of wood, condition of wood and coats required, customers have said it can go to between 4-8 square meters in our reviews.


This is not a waterproof product it will only repel water. Indoor wood use

To use: always use gloves. Apply small amount to inconspicuous area first. Apply to wood. Leave to soak in. Rub excess away reapply as many times as required

Natural Beeswax polish

  • Should your item/s arrive damaged you have the right to return it to us and receive a replacement on the agreement that the item is returned with the invoice and is in all original packaging. Please email within 48hrs of receiving the product and returned by 14 days.

    Changed your mind, simply ensure its returned as returned to us it original condition and we will refund you.

  • 100% chemical free

    Olea Europaea

    Cera Alba

    Citrus Grandis

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